Effective Remedies to Use on Fleas on Cats

Effective Remedies to Use on Fleas on Cats

Fleas are known for being persistent causing a lot of serious issues among cats. When cats are left untreated, they may suffer life threatening anemia, tapeworm infections and allergic conditions. With those young kittens, their condition may get fatal in the long run.

As a pet owner, it is your goal to eliminate these fleas immediately. This is also after you have noticed them. There are commercially-based flea treatments and natural home remedies that you can use to treat these fleas.

You can consider some effective methods that can help get rid of fleas. It will take time before they quickly work than the commercial-based flea remedies. If you are searching for the most natural home remedies, below are a few of those fleas treatments to consider:


Hydrogen Peroxide

This is proven to be a natural and effective treatment to consider for your cats. When you have applied this to your cat’s fur, the fleas will start to drop off and will die immediately. You may carry your cat in a bathtub for it to be rinsed off completely. However, you need to be extra careful as it might irritate the eyes and face. You can just rub it into its neck and let it foam up.



Spices are not just ordinarily known for being a great and natural ingredient. These can also be used in getting rid of fleas. In this regard, oregano oil is effective as it contains a chemical known as carvacrol.

Follow the simple step of mixing 1 tsp of oregano oil with 3 tsps of olive oil. Now, you already have got the best remedy for fleas on cats. A lot of owners usually take a cotton ball and apply a small amount of its mixture to the neck, tail, stomach and ears of their cats. These are specific points wherein fleas congregate and stay all the time.

Cumin is also another spice ingredient that may give out its unpleasant taste to a flea. However, it must to give it to your cat in small quantity or in small dose. This is a lot better than a garlic powder that may seem toxic to them.


Effective Remedies to Use on Fleas on Cats


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another inexpensive and easy way of getting rid of fleas. This helps in treating its fur and its skin. In fact, this is widely recognized as one of the most natural home remedies today. Since your cat usually has its sensitive skin, the solution would prove to be essential.

You need to slice up 2 lemons and drop them into boiling water. This is for them to steep for two to four hours. The particles must be drained out completely. You need to pour out the liquid into a bottle/spray bottle.

Your cat may not like the smell or flavor of citrus as it may still resist it. But then, you need to take your time and work the citrus juice gently into its fur.

Now, you have learned the natural home remedies in getting rid of fleas on cats!

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