Fleas on Cats Effects and Damages

Fleas on Cats Effects and Damages

It is very important to understanding fleas on cats effects and damages that can harm your cats. To be able to keep your cats happy and healthy, there is a need to know several things for them to live a new and possible life with you and your family. Taking the time to conduct a research about the visible factors of temperament and good health will help along the way. However, it is also a must to know more about the certain diseases wherein cats are usually exposed to.

It is also your responsibility to help them avoid a flea infested environment since this only leave them feeling scratchy and itchy. You also would not approve of those fleas jumping onto you. Actually, the common cat flea or Ctenocephalides felis measures up to one-eight inch long that brings Herculean problems for your kitty.


Below are some of fleas on cats effects that you must consider:


Coat and Skin Problems

Incessant nibbling and scratching would only put your pet at stake as its skin becomes irritated and red. If you see cat grooming itself to the point that it is already cutting its skin, there might be a potential risk that the wounds will become infected. Apart from it, your kitty may pull out some lumps of hair since at the first place, it is irritated. Thus, this only leaves it with bald patches that can be found on her coat.



Itching is considered to be the most obvious and most immediate effect that fleas can have on those cats. Your pet cat will nibble, scratch and lick at its fur to be able to get rid of those parasites. The moment that you have seen it feeling itchy, it is now the right time to make an effort to carry out treatments for your cat.


Fleas on Cats Effects and Damages - Itching


Flea Allergies

Flea allergies are also called as flea allergic dermatitis mainly brought by the so-called flea saliva. This is actually manifested by kittens that are aging one year old and above. However, this can still be developed by any cats of any age as a usual reaction to most fleas.

In regard with itching, it is usually associated with the fleas exacerbated by a particular distressing event resulting to hair loss and skin lesions. Thus, there is a need to administer flea treatment on a regular basis that makes it the best solution for flea allergies. Usually, 1 or 2 flea bites may trigger a cat from experiencing it.



Another serious effect brought by fleas on cats is a tapeworm which is often transmitted by the fleas that already have eaten tapeworm eggs. If your cat has swallowed an infested flea, the tapeworm now hatches right after the flea has been broken down by the digestive system.

In this case, the tapeworm will easily multiply and will lay their eggs in the intestines of your pet. This will cause it to suffer from diarrhea and weight loss and will rob it all essential nutrients it needs. The good thing is that tapeworm can still be treated by means of oral medication coming from a vet.


Fleas on Cats Effects and Damages - Tapeworm


Fleas on Cats Effects And Damages Conclusion

Now, you have learned more about the effects of fleas on your cats which require you to give them the medication they need!

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