Natural Methods to Help Get Rid Fleas on Cats

Natural Methods to Help Get Rid Fleas on Cats

Even though cats may look so independent, they are still companions at home that cannot do everything all by themselves. They cannot fight off specific fleas that get under their skin.

Since they are overly sensitive to essential oil ingredients, it may seem difficult to treat these fleas with the most natural repellents. Most of the natural methods these days can help prevent fleas on cats like washing bedding, vacuuming and a whole lot more.

Below are a few of those natural ways that are proven to get rid and prevent fleas on cats.


Apple Cider Vinegar Spray or Bath

You can apply the apple cider vinegar during its bath session. This can be a natural way to prevent fleas and get rid of them. When you prepare for this, you need to have two cups of apple cider vinegar, spray bottle and mild shampoo.

Pour over a cider vinegar to a spray bottle. Then, apply it directly to its coat. You may also bathe your cat through ACV or mild shampoo and ACV together. If you will use ACV alone, you can just spray only a small amount onto its fur. You can let it sit on it for five minutes before you rinse it off completely.

If your cat does not tolerate a bath, you can make use of a spray bottle and you can pour cups of water in it.


Soapy Water Flea Trap

Fleas are not considered as the brightest thing to find here on Earth. They are usually attracted to light which is why you need o put a shallow dish with sudsy water below a night light. When they get in contact with the light, they will hop in. And then, they will get drown. You can also make use of a warm or hot water as fleas get in contact with something by temperature.

When you will prepare a soapy water flea trap, you will need warm water, dish soap, shallow dish and night light. You will first need a shallow dish that contains soapy and warm water. And then, you can place it directly under a light, or night light. In the early morning, you will have to check its trap and you need to empty it to control the fleas.


Natural Methods to Help Get Rid Fleas on Cats


Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo

Diatomaceous Earth is known to be a natural rock. This is composed of ancient fossilized remains, known as diatoms. This is also easily crumbled into a refined powder that makes it a safe and effective way to get rid of fleas.

Since this is proven to be harmless to pets or humans, it is still dangerous to fleas. The sharp edges can cut through the tough and waxy exoskeleton of the pest. They will die because of dehydration. It is however suggested to make use only of food grade D.E. This is the one that can be used on humans and animals.

With all these natural ways presented, prevention will still be the most effective solution. Regularly vacuuming and washing the bedding’s of pets will help fight off fleas. If you have tried any of these things and things still do not work, it may about time for you to ask help from a vet.

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