Treatments to Consider for Fleas on Cats

Treatments to Consider for Fleas on Cats

For you to stop and get rid of fleas on cats, you need to be in control of the sleeping spots/bed and the cats. When you pay attention to your cat, you help it get rid of those fleas. When you also treat the sleeping spots and bedding, you also get rid of some pupae and eggs larvae.

During the warmer season, flea control is most often needed. This is because the conditions are far better off for the development of fleas. Flea infestation usually persists for a few months even without the presence of an animal. Fleas usually dine on cats and on any other animal like raccoon and dog.

Below are some of the flea control insecticides that you can check out yourself. These are proven to be safe and secure for fleas on cats.


Oral Medications

Oral medications can help disrupt the life cycle of most fleas on cats. Through these regulators, the fleas are will be prevented from completing their lifecycle. Thus, the fleas now die. These usually come in flavors. And thus, your cats can take these without further hesitations.

Even though these may be safe, they still have their effects overtime. Spray insect growth regulator is developed to be sprayed on specific areas where cats would spend their time. This might not kill the fleas completely but may prevent them from finishing their life cycle.


Flea Collars

Flea collars that have been impregnated with insecticide will help kill and repel fleas on cats. You just need to be careful if you want to introduce them to your cat. You can also expect your cat to react badly on it. In order that the collars work properly, you need to adjust them as well.

Be prepared if your cat has badly responded on these collars. It may be sensitive to insecticide and may suffer erratic behavior, drooling and convulsions. Even the collar may cause more allergic reactions, hair loss and irritation.

If you plan to make use of a collar, you can just leave it on a few weeks. You can remove it for three weeks and you can replace it for the next week. This is the only way for the adult fleas to get killed. If there will be a newer generation of fleas to emerge, they will get killed after the collar has been used.

As an owner, you need to follow the instructions for the age and the size of your cat. You need to be careful not to use a collar specifically designed for dogs. Truly, flea collars are a proven tool to use to control fleas that may poison you and your kids.


Treatments to Consider for Fleas on Cats


Flea Shampoo

There are lots of flea shampoos that can help you kill fleas on cats. These are also proven to be very effective. You can make use of gloves when you make use of shampoo. This way, you can kill these new fleas. However, you must not make use of dog products on your cat. These can only produce the enzymes that get rid of toxins. This is the main reason why they can easily get poisoned while dogs tend to produce enzymes.


Make use of any of the flea treatments mentioned for cats to stop and get rid of those fleas on cats!

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